Our benchmarking services help you drive improvements and offer value for money. We compare data with your peers so you can see how you are performing.

CIPFA benchmarking look at the key functions affecting efficiency in your organisation, such as finance, governance, revenues and benefits, HR, legal and democratic functions

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Our detailed individually-tailored reports, databases and interactive tools will provide you with solid, data-related evidence to support decision making, whilst our review meetings provide an opportunity for you to come together with your peers and share best practice from the exercise.   

The main benchmarking clubs are detailed below, further clubs include planning.

Corporate Services

Our unique corporate services benchmarking clubs are used by local authorities throughout the UK to drive improvements and deliver value for money.

Social Care

CIPFA's social care benchmarking clubs allow local authorities to share and compare meaningful data in a non-judgemental environment.

VfM Indicators

Value for Money (VfM) Indicators is the leading benchmarking tool for assessing value for money in the public sector. HM Treasury recommends that organisations with over 250 employees collect and report against such indicators.