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Strain increases on the public sector as Budget confirms another £2bn taken from services

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The public sector suffered further cuts in the Chancellor’s budget as he confirmed that he would take another £1bn out of public funding through additional changes to public sector employee pensions.

This comes in addition to his decision to permanently take away £1bn of  government departments’ underspends, some of which would have been money held back as a contingency. Both of these measures come on top of the already announced cuts to Government spending.

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The CIPFA Financial Management Panel is a functional, cross sectoral panel that reports to CIPFA’s Public Finance and Management Board (PFMB).

The panel focuses on the principles of financial management that apply across the whole of the public services and on identifying actions to achieve improvements in financial management.

Financial Management Panel


Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner: Chief Finance Officer

£77k: Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner: Use your financial acumen to make Sussex safer. Sussex

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The payroll benchmarking club covers the transactional volumes and processing costs (wherever they occur in the organisation) for payment of salaries, wages and pensions for the organisation.



In the creditors benchmarking club, we collect the transactional volumes and processing costs (wherever they occur in the organisation) for all methods of processing and payment of the organisation’s creditors (excluding refunds of Council Tax and NDR, and payments of benefits where handled outside of the creditors function).


Council Tax

The council tax benchmarking club collects processing costs (both central and contact centres) and workload volumes. This enables informed comparisons to be made of the average collection cost per banded dwelling and dwellings per FTE.