August 2016

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August 2016

CIPFA appointed to work closely with London Counter Fraud Hub: CIPFA was appointed to provide data analytics to the London Counter Fraud Hub, an initiative set to save the taxpayer £60m per year.
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UK borders: As the former chief executive of UK Boarder Agency, CIPFA's chief executive Rob Whiteman was called upon to comment on the issues with borders and the government's resources to deal with such problems. 
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Our problem is your problem – social care and the NHS: CIPFA's Health and Social Care Integration Policy Manager, Paul Carey-Kent, discusses the problems in the social care sector and how this could affect the NHS. 
National Health Executive

CIPFA and local authorities: CIPFA has continued to comment on issues faced by local authorities, such as business rates, financial planning and the risk of devolution talks being overshadowed by the Brexit debate.
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