February 2016

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February 2016

Institute of Fiscal Studies report: The IFS released a report, stating that Chancellor George Osborne was walking on a "knife edge" with his plans to run a small surplus. CIPFA's chief executive, Rob Whiteman commented on the report, calling for the government to clarify what the cost of the surplus to public services. 
Daily Mail, Telegraph

NHS reports record deficit: CIPFA commented on the claim that the NHS would reach £3bn, saying that urgent investment is needed in transformation and prevention.
MirrorGuernsey Press

2016 Public Finance Top 50: Public Finance compiled a list of the top 50 trailblazers in the public sector, which included CIPFA's chief executive, Rob Whiteman and chair of CIPFA Standards, Ian Carruthers.
Public Finance

The EU brings drawbacks and benefits to the EU: CIPFA's chief executive considers the effects of EU membership on the public sector.
Local Government Chronicle

CIPFA Pass rates soar: CIPFA reports exceptional pass rates.
PQ Magazine

How financially fit are you?: CIPFA's head of government's faculty, Gillian Fawcett, discussed how public sector organisations around the world can keep financially fit, despite increasing pressures.
FMI Canada Journal