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Social Housing IS Big Business

By Dr Louise Dunne, CIPFA Housing Network

There has been a growing public debate in recent months about the real or perceived growth of commercialisation in the social housing sector. Muddying the waters of such debates is the fact that Providers are not uniform: with different accounting and financial regimes; governance structures and regulatory codes, not to mention the sheer difference in the number of properties they manage, or variations in rental streams, or skill and resource bases they use to deliver services. This makes it difficult sometimes to separate out which bits of ‘creeping’ commercialisation apply to which types of Providers, and why. Read more...

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The housing panel focuses on social landlord-related finance and policy issues. The Panel meets regularly and reports to the Institute's Public Finance and Management Board.

Housing Panel


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56,000 - 58,000 plus excellent benefits: Lewisham Homes: The Business Development Analyst will be the lead on building effective financial analysis to support the strategic development at Lewisham Homes. Catford

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