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Levels and requirements for CIPFA membership:

The fastest route to become a CIPFA member is to successfully complete the CIPFA Professional Qualification and Practical Experience Portfolio (PEP). There are various entry routes and requirements.

Successful students are invited to apply for membership. Once approved, members have the status Chartered Public Finance Accountant and can use the designatory letters CPFA for as long as they remain members.

The stages of CIPFA membership

Designatory letters and requirements of CIPFA member types

 Type of



Full member


CIPFA (Afill)

CIPFA (Assoc)



Completion of CIPFA Professional Certificate stage

Minimum 50 days of PEP evidence

Continuing membership subscription

Completion of CIPFA Professional Diploma stage

Minimum 150 days of PEP evidence

Continuing membership subscription

Completion of the full CIPFA Professional Qualification

Full PEP submission

Continuing membership subscription

*Please note: affiliate and associate members are not eligible to vote. 

Other qualifications

Successful completers of the Certificate in Charity Finance and Accounting can apply for affiliate membership if they submit 50 days of PEP evidence and are continuing their membership subscription. On approval, they can use the desinatory letters CIPFA (Affil).

Readmission and mutual recognition