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More than 800 students across south east Europe have obtained certification in CIPFA’s long-standing programmes that have now been running for more than a decade.  A successful track record of buildiing public finance capacity through implementing programmes with a high reputation means that there is continuing demand, including from a number of countries that are candidates for European Union accession. 

As part of an assignment to coordinate the strategic efforts of CIPFA and its partner, the Centre of Excellence and Finance (CEF) in Ljubljana, Slovenia,  CIPFA, through Business Develop Manager for South Eastern Europe, Victoria Bainbridge, was invited to a workshop on Financial Reporting: Transition to Accrual that formed part of the International Monetary Fund’s Fiscal Affairs Department Technical Assistance Mission to Belgrade  - budget preparation, fiscal risks and reporting.   

Planning was undertaken at CEF’s office in Ljublana, Slovenia with particularly close collaboration with CEF’s Certification Programme team and the invaluable support of  the IMF advisor at CEF and other IMF delegates, then in Belgrade on mission.

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The workshop took place at the Department of Treasury Administration of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade on 3 February. The event was animated by Professor Frans van Schaik, University of Amsterdam, IPSAS Board Member 2006-2011, who addressed local delegates on the subject of: “Limitations of Cash Accounting, Benefits of Accrual Accounting and Transition to Accrual Accounting”.  CIPFA gave a complementary presentation: IPSAS - Realisation of the Benefits of Accrual Accounting“ supported with specific practical examples from United Kingdom’s experience of Whole of Government Accounting.   CEF followed up on these including an explanation of the methodology for the certification programmes and their long record of success in the Western Balkans.

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