CIPFA student networking event 

A CIPFA student etworking event is being hosted by Hays at their offices in Newcastle (Kelburn House, 7-19 Mosley Street, Newcastle, NE1 1YE) on Friday 13th April, 16:30pm to 18:00. This is a great opportunity for students and newly qualified members in the North East to meet over some drinks and nibbles, as well as being introduced to some CIPFA North East Committee members, who are keen to chat with students about their studies, volunteering and what CIPFA can do to better support its students.

Joy Mendoza, Business Director at Hays, will be giving a talk on careers in public finance to close the networking session.

If you are interested in coming along or have any queries at all please contact James Charlton, E: 

Students in the North East

Laura Burbridge and James Charlton are student members of the North East Executive and CIPFA Student Network (CSN), representing students interests in the North East. James works as an internal auditor at Newcastle City Council and Laura as an assistant accountant at Northumbria Police. They both began their CIPFA studies in January 2016 with the CETC in Newcastle.

The CIPFA North East Executive organise various CPD events throughout the year for members and students in the region. We are interested in hearing ideas from students so we can better support you through your studies, and we also want to encourage closer networking between students in the region.

See below some events we have had in the region over recent months. Our emails are below if you have any suggestions or would like to get involved in organising future student events. Additionally, please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or feedback or even just to say hello, we’d love to hear from you!



CETC starting second year of courses at Newcastle

CETC are delivering training for Management Accounting and Financial Accounting modules again in Newcastle, at Kaplan (Haymarket). This may be a more attractive option for some students than distance or online learning.

Online booking is available now. 

On Friday 17th February, Giles Orr and Aga Jop visited Newcastle to talk to students and employers in the region about their experiences with exams and learning. The session helped to set some context with some of the problems that occurred during the winter sitting of exams, and students were able to feedback particular issues. Students were also able to make recommendations for improvements to the exams and courses which were taken back to the office by CIPFA.

Overall the session was productive; issues were raised in a constructive manner, and the responses were helpful in improving understanding of the problems and feeling that feedback was being taken on board by CIPFA. CIPFA Student Support are keen to hear more feedback in the future and are open to further suggestions for change and improvement. For a more detailed list of the questions and answers, please email James Charlton E:

David Clark Award

This award is presented to the Student of the Year within the CIPFA North East region. Consideration is given to recognise achievements other than exam results. Previous winners include students who have been active in areas like supporting the Institute and representing students on behalf of the region.

Nominations are now open for the 2018 Award. Nominations should go to northeast@cipfa,org by Saturday 31st March 2018.

The winner of the 2017 Award was Laura Hayward of Newcastle City Council.

Students' drinks reception

Qualified CIPFA members and students met in the City Tavern in Newcastle in September 2016 to exchange stories about their experiences of CIPFA training and  how well this had served them in their professional careers. While the CIPFA professional qualification has continued to evolve to meet the ever-changing need of the finance manager, what continues to be evident is the benefit gained from a network of peers and trusted colleagues. Those members present represented a broad range of sectors covering local authorities, health, education and IT, emphasising the range of options CIPFA can provide.

Company financial reporting revision quiz

One of our students, Lucy Glister-Byers, has produced a revision quiz for fellow students to help them recap on financial accounting in preparation for their Company Financial Reporting course (2016 Syllabus). With her permission, we have made it available here to help other students:

Student revision event

On 15 November 2016, Julie Dick, Senior Lecturer at Newcastle Business School and seasoned examiner, delivered a presentation on memory and revision to 25 delegates, all seeking to improve their recall, with some hoping to gain extra marks in exams by remembering more material.

Julie explained that memory is something we all have in abundance, and for those of us who think we have poor recall, there are tips to help us remember more. The best tip was to actively remember, ie to want to remember, and other tips included using association. For example, to remember a name of somebody you’re meeting for the first time, remember something distinctive about them – good or bad! 

Julie talked through the different learning types – visual and auditory. It will come as no surprise that visual learners need minimal distraction and neat, ordered notes to revise, and auditory learners learn best when speaking or listening. To our students’ dismay, boosting memory performance in exams isn’t just about recall; to gain valuable marks students must link their memory recall to application of the knowledge. There is no cheating when it comes to memory!

A copy of the slides from the presentation is available.