Branch news

The latest news from the Wales Cymru branch

President’s introduction

The CIPFA Cymru-Wales branch has now been in place for four years, following the merger from parts of three different regions. It has been a busy four years establishing the branch specifically for Wales and finding a new identity and direction.

The new executive for 2015/2017 has now been elected and it is pleasing to see that we have retained a balance of longer standing members with some new enthusiastic and very able colleagues. This should enable the Wales Executive to build on its strong foundations, laid down in the first four years, and help it to perform its two distinctive roles:

  • to support the CIPFA office in Wales
  • to add value for the CIPFA members and students in Wales.

This will involve us increasing the profile of CIPFA in Wales, delivering an interesting and varied CPD programme that is valued by members, working with employers to make CIPFA the qualification that they choose for training students and supporting, and mentoring our current student cadre.

We also need to be a valued and authoritative commentator as the devolved government policies increasingly diversify from England.  This will require a strong technical support function and expertise in key policy areas.

Events programme

The events programme is now available to download.

2015 annual report

A copy of the 2015 annual report (PDF) as presented at the Annual General Meeting. 

Engaging with our student members

"The value of being CIPFA qualified must not be under-estimated and the executive in Wales is working hard to champion this.

"We will be consulting with students in Wales regarding what action will be of value to them. We want our students to understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that there are tangible benefits to being CIPFA qualified. We recognise that the current working environment is challenging and tough, and acknowledge the need to engage further and fully understand these challenges.

"We will be meeting with our students to discuss the benefits of being a member, to offer an independent view of career progression and self-development. We will hold these informal meetings during study time in college over a coffee or lunch, with the aim of engaging and supporting students, and look forward to meeting as many potential new members as possible."

Rebecca Nelson, an executive member of the CIPFA Cymru-Wales branch.