Student conference 2013

CIPFA’s students of today are the leaders of tomorrow so this year’s CIPFA Student Conference was designed to equip students with the tools to lead the public sector into the future.

student conference

As we journey beyond austerity, new and innovative leaders will be called upon to shepherd the public sector into a new and uncertain future state. CIPFA’s students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so this year’s CIPFA Student Conference was designed to equip students with the tools required to lead the public services into the future.

In the middle of the July heatwave, we gathered in London Hammersmith Novotel and explored what’s required of the leader of the future. Our speakers examined many aspects of successful leadership, including reflections from current leaders in the public services and fresh ideas on how successful leaders communicate and build their networks.


And all attendees earned 7 hours of Leadership and Strategic Management content for their Practical Experience Portfolios!


Dave CeasarDave Caesar - Consultant in Emergency Medicine, NHS Lothian
Dave reflected on his years on the front line of emergency medicine in NHS Lothian, sharing insights on how he’s had to adapt his leadership style depending on his situation, the differences between tactical and strategic leadership and the approach required to lead effectively in a variety of scenarios.

Dave talked about experiences that "make good telly but challenging leadership conditions". We also got a quick lesson in reading pelvic and chest Xrays! Find out more from Dave's presentation...

Jon HarrisonJon Harrison - Head of Talent Development
Drawing from the worlds of biology, psychology and marketing, Jon explored how great leaders communicate differently to most other people, and provided very real examples of the changes you can make straight away to make your day to day communication have a greater impact. So how do you inspire trust, loyalty and action? Find out from Jon's presentation or follow Jon on Twitter Twitter logo @jonwharrison or join him on LinkedIn Linkedin logo

andy lopata

Andy Lopata - one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists
Developing a strategic approach to your networking helps you tap into your full potential, work more effectively and open more doors. Andy told us how networks can generate more business, help you feel more comfortable working a room, or get your name more widely known or get the introductions that make a difference. Find out more from Andy's presentation or visit or follow Andy on Twitter Twitter logo