Student conference 2014

CIPFA’s students of today are the leaders of tomorrow so this year’s CIPFA Student Conference was designed to equip students with the tools to lead the public sector into the future.

The annual CIPFA Student Conference 2014 , held at the Novotel London West, proved again a great success for students to gain expert industry insight , as well as  tangible development skills and tips. Students also had the opportunity to network with each other, CIPFA members and  industry exhibitors at the main CIPFA conference titled ‘Risk, Resilience, Reform’.

The first part of the day provided the opportunity to listen to two high profile speakers at the main conference. Chris Giles, Economic Editor from the Financial Times spoke on the subject of ‘Risk Resilience or Reform? What lies ahead for the economy?’ addressing the real prospects for the UK public services and the reality of recovery.  Peter Kellner, President of YouGov talked upon  ‘The people have spoken – what are the expectations and priorities’ looking at UK citizens expectations for public services and for the future government.

Students then moved on to their own tailored event - all sessions designed to provide day to day real work skills and the opportunity to make a difference both personally and professionally.

Royston JohnTransformational Coaching

by Royston John, Management Consultant from the Centre for Mentoring & Coaching

This session addressed ways in which CIPFA students could enhance their leadership and management tool box, by looking at news ways of finding radical solutions to meet the demands and challenges of a fast paced work environment.

Value of Volunteering

Alison Sweeting, CIPFA SE Region President

Suzanne Jones, Chair of Exam Panel & CIPFA Council member

Neil Jennings, Accountants for International Development

Tom Frankel, Governors for Schools

Jon MoonClarity and Impact

by Jon Moon

Imagine doing documents that people praise and envy. That have clarity and impact and get results. That win business or impress Boards. Imagine the impact on your career…or on your exams! Jon Moon taught us clarity and impact - via WiTs and 'death to bullet points'

Download Jon's handout

Status and Impact of the Non-verbal

Pete Baille

by Pete Baille, Dramatic Resources

There is a whole wealth of signals and dynamics involved in meetings which has little to do with the words that are actually said. An awareness of this ‘unspoken conversation’ and an ability to respond to it effectively is critical for success in any meeting. Using theatre-based exercises adapted to a business setting, this highly entertaining, interactive ninety-minute session provoked thought and discussion around issues of status, confidence and managing colleague / client relationships. The session covered:

  • Status, both internal and external
  • Physical presence & the non-verbal
  • Getting your voice heard in meetings
  • Flexing your personal style
  • Influencing upwards

Finally, students were able to hear from Mike Owen, President of CIPFA and Rob Whiteman, CEO of CIPFA about the overall objectives of CIPFA, the future of finance careers and the options available to students to develop varied and exciting careers which make a real impact to society.


“I found it to be an extremely interesting and enjoyable day. With the theme of the conference being 'Risk, Resilience and Reform' we heard a lot of opinions on the tougher times ahead that public services face, but also gave an insight into ways in which we can move forward under these increasingly difficult circumstances. Being from an Economics background, the morning talk from Chris Giles was my personal highlight, providing a clear explanation of the link between how macroeconomic changes in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world are affecting our ability to deliver public services in the UK.

The student part of the conference also gave us a chance to learn how to make an impact, with practical examples of the importance of clarity in written documents - whether it is reports at work, CVs, or in exams”

CIPFA Graduate Trainee Megan Atwooll, Hackney Learning Trust