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Crematoria Statistics 2015/16 Actuals (Excel)


This publication includes details of: the number of cremators and cremations; staff employed; expenditure to conform with the Environmental Protection Act; capital cost of crematorium; revenue expenditure and income and fees and charges.
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Housing Revenue Account Statistics 2016 (Excel)


This publication provides the detailed Housing Revenue Account expenditure for each housing authority in England and Scotland. Other information includes rent levels, rent arrears, numbers of dwellings, average rates of loan interest and details of the sale of council houses.
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Council Farms Statistics 2015/16 Actuals


This publication provides detailed financial and other information on council farms/rural estates in England and Wales, including: the number and types of farm/rural estate; average size; acquisitions and disposals; tenancies; rent roll; capital expenditure on acquisitions etc and staff employed. It also includes operational and non-operational expenditure, including the cost of estate management.
As of 2015-16 DEFRA has started a collaboration with CIPFA on the collection of council farms, thus making the completion of the questionnaire a statutory obligation for England. CIPFA Council Farms data is used for the annual report to Parliament on Local Authority Smallholdings in England collated by DEFRA.
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Revenue Collection Statistics 2015/16 Actuals (Excel)


This publication contains a detailed analysis of authorities’ council tax and national non-domestic rates operations.
It includes analyses of the amounts collectable, current and previous years’ arrears, court costs, the number of accounts raised and the methods of collection, the numbers of council tax benefit recipients, exemptions and discounts, the number, type and rateable value of non-domestic hereditaments, enforcement action taken, and information on the type of arrangements for service provision.
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Capital Expenditure And Treasury Management Statistics 2015/16 Actuals


This publication provides a wide ranging and comprehensive analysis of capital expenditure by: service; grants and advances; capital income from receipts and grants; credit ceilings and approvals; sources of long term borrowing; debt maturity structure; approved investments; and average rates of interest.
The survey covers all authorities in Great Britain.
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