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Council Tax Demands and Precepts 2017/18 Estimates


This publication describes the local levies made by authorities to fund expenditure following the implementation of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.
It includes the number of chargeable dwellings by band; the average council tax per dwelling; the average Band D equivalent council tax; authorities’ budget requirements and levels of precepts.
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Balance Sheet Management in the Public Services: A Framework for Good Practice (2017 Edition)


This publication is a self-assessment tool to help organisations understand their balance sheets and achieve service efficiencies and improvements.

Police Statistics 2015/16 Actuals Excel


This publication provides a detailed analysis of actual revenue expenditure and income, plus a wide range of other financial data including: information on the cost of overtime, special constables, police pensions, authority costs, capital programmes, and levels of reserves and balances.
Non-financial information includes: details of police officer numbers by grade, other staff levels, the number of road accidents involving personal injury, and the number of notifiable offences.
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From Cost to Price: The Practitioner’s Guide to Commissioning Sustainable Social Care


This guide is aimed at those with some involvement in, or awareness of, the commissioning of social care. It is designed to help local authorities to engage in informed discussions with care providers about care costs, reasonable efficiencies and the level at which fees are set.

Cultural Statistics in Scotland 2016


This publication contains an analysis of actual and estimated expenditure and income in Scotland on: sport, community recreation, parks and open spaces, arts, heritage and museums, tourism, libraries, archives, and other cultural activities (such as foreshore expenditure, promenades and piers, and gardening competitions).
Non-financial information includes details on the number and size of facilities. It also includes the number of events/performances/exhibitions and actual attendances for theatres, concert halls, exhibition spaces, arts centres, and museums and galleries.
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