After the downturn

After the Downturn


This report, prepared by CIPFA and SOLACE, and informed by a much wider cross-section of public sector professionals, explores the crucial questions of how spending reductions should be achieved and where they should fall, and calls on the political party manifestos to address these questions clearly.




Jan 2009




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After the Downturn considers two levels of headline cuts in public spending in spending rounds following the 2010 election. Scenario A envisages a 7.5% (real terms) cut in public spending over the three year spending round 2011-14 (with the likelihood of cuts of a similar scale in the following spending round, 2014-17, as well). 

Scenario B envisages a 15% (real terms) cut in current public spending over the three year spending round, 2011-14 (with the possibility of further, probably less severe, cuts in the following spending round, 2014-17).