Most of the tools and documents available below were produced as part of the Sharing the Gain project. They are intended to support the management of shared service and collaboration projects among public bodies, and in many cases can be tailored for local use.

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Appendix 1.1 Leadership Challenge in Collaborative Working  (PDF, 610KB) [09 03 10]

This provides information and advice on issues leaders of face in dealing with different types of change involving service sharing and cross-boundary collaboration.

Appendix 1.2 The potential contribution of shared services to good finance practice (PDF, 1MB) [11 03 10]

Taking finance as an example of service sharing, this document uses the CIPFA FM Model as a framework for describing the potential benefits that collaboration might bring to a service area.

Appendix 2.1 Maturity Model for shared services (PDF, 126KB) [12 02 10]

This model describes 4 levels of maturity across 6 dimensions affecting the ability to share services and includes the evidence to look for in judging this.

Appendix 2.2 Assessing Change Readiness (PDF, 246KB) [12 02 10]

This appendix sets of 12 key areas that may present potential barriers to shared service progress. It explains why these are important and what to do about them.

Appendix 2.3 Assessing Change Readiness - Self-assessment Form PDF (PDF, 230KB) [12 02 10]
                    Assessing Change Readiness - Self-assessment Form Word document (Word, 293KB) [12 02 10]

This self-assessment form takes the ideas from Appendix 2.2 and allows users to annotate their own assessments and comments. For this reason it is also available in Word.

Appendix 3.1 Data Capture Form (Excel, 250KB) [19 01 10]

This spreadsheet file was used in the project’s finance benchmarking exercise. It shows the sort of data is needed when base-ling and benchmarking and can be tailored for local use.

Appendix 3.2 Benchmarking Report (PowerPoint, 1.6MB) [19 01 10]

These PowerPoint slides provide the analysis of the benchmarking exercise that used the data capture form from Appendix 3.1.

Appendix 4.1 Key Questions and Issues in Shared Services (PDF, 232KB) [19 03 10]

This 2 page document provides more information on the 3 primary and 4 secondary questions and issues that need to be addressed in considering shared service options.

Appendix 4.2 Comparison of Green & Brown-field SSAs and Outsourced Arrangements (PDF, 74KB) [12 02 10]

This document compares and contrasts the attributes of shared service arrangement that use existing infrastructure (brown-field), new set ups (green-field) and outsourcing.

Appendix 4.3 General Guidance on Options Appraisal (PDF, 216KB) [12 02 10]

This document provides general advice on how to conduct an options appraisal exercise and will be relevant to shared service projects and other initiatives.

Appendix 4.4 Key Questions in Appraising Shared Service Options (PDF, 93KB) [12 02 10]

This 2 page documents identifies some specific questions to ask when appraising the different options for sharing services and setting up collaborations

Appendix 5.1 Finance Process Splits and Maps (PowerPoint, 611KB) [20 01 10]

This document shows how finance processes might be redesigned for a shared environment, including how tasks might be split between the SSA and the retained organisation function.

Appendix 5.2 Finance Process Maps (PowerPoint, 282KB) [20 01 10]

This document takes the analysis from Appendix 5.1 and presents all the process maps for the key finance processes.

Appendix 5.3 Process maps in Visio (ZIP, 904KB) [20 01 10]

This Appendix is a Visio version of 5.2, providing process maps that can be amended in a software modelling tool.

Appendices 6.1 to 6.3 Financial Models for Shared Finance (ZIP, 843KB) [19 01 10]

This appendix – in Zip form – contains 3 linked Excel spreadsheets to support building the financial aspects of the shared finance business case. The 3 models address: (A) the ‘outline’ business case, (B) the ‘full’ business case for partners and (C) the business case for the shared service arrangement itself.

Appendix A6.4 Model D Full Consolidated Business Case (Word, 1.2MB) [20 01 10]

This document provides a fully worked narrative business case using the example of shared finance. It is also provided in Word so as to be tailored for local use.

Appendices 6.5 to 6.7 Financial Models for Shared Corporate Service (ZIP, 408KB) [22 06 10]

This Zip file contains 3 linked Excel spreadsheets that support building the financial case for all shared corporate services. Similar to 6.1 to 6.3, these address the ‘outline’ business case, the ‘full’ business case for partners and the business case for the SSA itself.

Appendix 7.1 Shared Service Procurement: Issues, Risks and Checklist (PDF, 331KB) [11 03 10]

This document provides further information on procurement issues, including risks of a specific procurement nature. A checklist of 25 key procurement issues is also included.

Appendix 8.1 Service Level Agreement Contents (PDF, 808KB) [11 03 10]

This file provides an in-depth discussion and illustration of the contents of the various documents that will support the development and management of SLAs.

Appendix 9.1 50 Shared Service Risks – and what to do about them (PDF, 1.3MB) [10 03 10]

This document describes 50 risks across shared projects and operations, explains why they are important and suggests what can be done to mitigate them.

Appendix A11.1 Key Jobs in a Finance SSA (leader and process leaders) (PDF, 947KB) [11 02 10]

This document describes the 5 key roles involved in running a shared finance arrangement and illustrates some of the general issues involved in identifying SSA leaders.

Appendix A13.1: Checklist of Actions in Managing Shared Service Technology PDF (PDF, 180KB) [11 02 10]
                            Checklist of Actions in Managing Shared Service Technology Word (Word, 203KB) [11 02 10,]

This document looks at 30 key technology issues and actions across the shared service and collaboration lifecycle and allows users to record observations on them.