Notes for contributors

Details for contributors to The Journal of Finance and Management in Public Services including acceptance criteria, preparation of copy and proofs and offprints.

Four copies of any manuscripts for consideration by JFMPS should be sent to:

Hugh Coombs or Ellis Jenkins
Joint Editors
LCA Business School, London
19 Charterhouse Street

Acceptance criteria

To provide for efficiency in the review process, authors are asked to pay particular attention to compliance with the Editorial Policy and Notes for Contributors. Papers should be readable evidencing clarity and economy in their presentation.

Papers submitted to the The Journal of Finance and Management in Public Services (JFMPS) should not be submitted for consideration for publication elsewhere. All papers are published subject to review by double blind referee and authors are asked to avoid any device which would make their identity obvious in the body of the paper. Referees are required to comment on the following aspects of a submitted paper: originality, contribution, comprehensiveness, interest, and usefulness. All papers are to be presented in a conventional academic paper format, with a strong emphasis on structure and quality of communication. The editors endeavour to make decisions on submitted papers as soon as possible.

When submitting your final article please include a disk or e-mail copy of your manuscript prepared on a PC-compatible computer in Microsoft Word along with the hard copy print-out.

Preparation of copy

Can all authors please present their final version in the following format:

Page size: B5 (176mm wide x 250mm tall)

Page margins:

  • Left and right – 12.7mm
  • Top – 21.3mm
  • Bottom – 19mm

Page fonts – Oswald and Lora (Downloadable from, as follows:

  • Paper title – Oswald 46pt
  • Paper authors – Names - Oswald 24pt
  • Job titles – Lora 15pt
  • Section titles – Oswald 14pt
  • Paper text – Lora 10pt
  • Quotes – Lora Italic 10pt, Right aligned
  • Figure and table captions – Title – Lora Bold 12pt
  • Explanatory text – Lora 10pt

Images and tables – All to be submitted with them both placed within the body of the paper (to show size and location) and as separate JPEG image files.

The convention for citation in the text is as follows: Smith & Williams (1982), or (Smith & Williams, 1982), or, (Smith & Williams, 1982, pp. 52-59) for specific quotations. If more than one publication by the same author(s) in a particular year is cited then the conventions Harper (1984a), Harper (1984b) should be used. If a paper with three or more authors is cited then all names should be given in the first citation; subsequently et al. should be used. All references must be listed in full and in alphabetical order at the end of the paper in the style given over the page:

Aggarwal, R. (1980). ‘Corporate uses of sophisticated capital budgeting techniques: a strategic perspective and a critique of survey results’, Interfaces, 10, 31-34. Brett, M. (1993). ‘Analytical investment techniques’ In C. Darlow (ed.), Valuation and Investment Appraisal, London, The Estates Gazette Ltd. Copeland, T., Koller, T. and Murrin, J. (1980). Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, New York, Wiley.

Proofs and offprints

Authors must correct proofs as soon as possible and make no revisions to those proofs. No payments are made to authors. Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if it is accepted for publication, copyright in the article, including the right to reproduce the article in all firms and media, shall be assigned exclusively to the publisher.