certificate in international public sector accounting standards

Be prepared for IPSAS with a qualification that will demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the standards and their application, certified by CIPFA, the global body for public financial management.

IPSAS brochure coverAs part of our support for organisations preparing for the adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), CIPFA has certified training.  

Register now for Cert IPSAS 2015 for only £320

What the certificate covers

The certificate covers all of the relevant standards in detail and specifically explains the financial reporting context for public sector entities and the requirements of IPSAS for financial statements and disclosure (accruals based and cash based).


The certificate will give you in-depth IPSAS knowledge, and certification by CIPFA, to demonstrate your skills to employers, colleagues and others to advance your career.

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To find out more contact us on: students@cipfa.org or call +44 (0) 20 7543 5656. Registration is now open.


£320, including up to four assessment attempts and comprehensive distance learning materials.


The certificate is assessed via a two hour, 60-question multiple choice, online examination, with a pass rate of over 60% conforming with the following syllabus:

A)   describe the financial reporting context for public sector entities (15%)
B)   describe the main requirements of IPSAS (30%);
C)   apply the requirements of the IPSAS to determine the appropriate treatment of events and transactions in financial statements (40%);
D)   apply the requirements of the Cash Basis IPSAS (15%).

Multiple choice questions are a mixture of numerical and narrative questions, and  carry equal marks.

Download the Cert IPSAS 2015 syllabus (PDF)

Candidates can take the exam at any time online, and can try a maximum of four times during a single registration period.

Candidates will be notified immediately after completion and will then receive their CIPFA certificate.  


All individual registrations will receive access to distance learning materials written by CIPFA's expert tutors, at no extra cost. The total study time is expected to be around 60 hours.

Further classroom-based study support is available from the CIPFA Education and Training Centre for individuals and organisations with significant cohorts of staff that require training and certification.

View further detail on the courses and distance learning option.