Online exams

Online Invigilator (flexible location)

To accommodate our growing student network, CIPFA have partnered with ProctorU to provide online invigilation. Students are monitored during their exams through their computers. All that is required is a strong internet connection, and a computer with a functioning webcam and microphone.

How do I sit an exam remotely?

Online exams are taken through the examining site, Calibrand.

Students sit their exams at home, or their place of work and are invigilated by ProctorU, who will monitor your exam through your webcam and microphone.

When is my exam?

Exam dates can be found towards the bottom of our exams page.

How are online exams invigilated?

Online exams are invigilated by ProctorU. Students login to Calibrand and download the ProctorU applet, Log me in ahead of their exam. Students can check whether or not their device is compatible through the Calibrand and ProctorU testing sites.

Read ProctorU's GDPR readiness plan.

Is my computer compatible with CIPFA's examination software? 

CIPFA's examination software works best with Google Chrome.

To see if your device is compatible with our examination software, please visit our Calibrand and ProctorU testing sites.

Where should I sit my exam?

Online exams can be sat either at your home or your workplace. Students should ensure that their exam space is located in a quiet location with a stable internet connection with no chance of interruptions.

What materials can I take into the exam room?

The following items are permitted in the exam room:

  • A PC or laptop (electronic devices should have a working webcam and microphone

  • Pen, pencil or rubber

  • Scientific Calculator (provided it does not connect to the internet).

  • Four sheets of paper. Lined or blank

  • A mirror

  • A drink

  • Smartphones – Smartphones are allowed in the exam room but must be turned off and out of hands reach.

The following items are NOT permitted in the exam room:
  • Smartwatches

  • Notes

  • Food.

What identification will I need to sit the exam?

You will need to present either a valid driver’s license, passport or photographic work identification ahead of your exam.

Are toilet breaks permitted during the exam?

Yes. You will need to inform your invigilator via the chat box that you require a toilet break. You will then be able to exit the exam room once your request has been approved. Once you have returned you will be asked by the invigilator to provide a 360o view of your workspace. Please note that the timer will not be stopped during this time.

What should I do if my internet connection fails during the exam?

Should you encounter any technical difficulties during your exam, please contact Student Support.

What should I do if there in a disturbance during my exam?

Should you encounter a major disturbance during your exam (e.g. a fire alarm), you may leave the exam room. If possible, please notify your invigilator before exiting. Once the disruption is over you may contact the invigilator to restart the exam. Should you encounter a minor disturbance (e.g. a ringing doorbell), please try to ignore this and continue with your exam. In the unlikely event that you are unable to return to the exam space, please contact