Study updates

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07 September 2016 Improvements for future CIPFA online examinations

We are investigating the following:

  • To introduce the idea of allowing students to use 4 pages for notes during the exam instead of the current 2 pages.
  • Providing formulae and ratios sheets as a PDF document that is shown as an additional tab in the browser instead of embedded within the exam.

07 September 2016 Calibrand will be unavailable on 10 September 2016 for urgent updates

The Calibrand system will be down on 10 September 2016 due to server upgrade and migration. This therefore means the practice tests will be unavailable for a the day. You are not required to do anything.

Thank you for your patience.

01 September 2016 Update for September exams

PDF formula sheets will now be provided separately by your invigilator.

Stats tables, tax tables, formula sheets and other resources will be accessed as a separate pop-up window provided by your online invigilator (ProctorU). If you are sitting offline it will be provided by your invigilator.

This will improve access to the formula sheets, reduce file size of the exam and speed up connection.

08 August 2016 System improvements (from January - June 2016)

Feedback from November 2015 pilot and resulting system improvements.

Following the review of the first two exams held in November 2015, a number of improvements were agreed and implemented improve the usability of the platform.

Specific system improvements included:

  • Feedback report to show questions, student answers, model answers and marks/comments from marker (for tutor marked tests) for practice tests
  • To include a PDF viewer (for formulae sheet, statistical tables and accounting ratios)
  • Independent scrolling for split screen questions containing scenarios, financial data and other additional information
  • Improvement of the answer editor, including: copy/paste, highlight text, etc.
  • Improvement of table manipulation (insert rows, columns, etc. with single click)
  • Automated browser compliance check (displays message if user opens software in unsupported browser)
  • Integration of exam software (Calibrand) and invigilation software (ProctorU)
  • Systems requirements check button for internet speed, screen resolution, browser, OS, etc.