Are your curriculum delivery plans affordable? Are there ways to deliver your education vision more efficiently enabling you to offer more to your pupils? Do you understand how a potential increase in financial burdens will impact the costs of the subjects you offer pupils and students?

Increasingly the cost of curriculum delivery will need to be analysed by academies. As costs increase and overall grant funding per pupil is squeezed so that government finances can cope with the increasing number of children requiring education, academies will need to pay close attention to staffing and other curriculum costs. The need to offer a broad curriculum to maximise progress and attainment in eight performance measures will mean that the scope for saving costs by reducing the subjects taught will be limited – without compromising the academy’s performance scores.

Are there tools and methods that can be used to reduce teaching costs per pupil? Does the use of technology enable class sizes to be increased without impacting the quality of teaching and learning? Can electronic delivery of the curriculum enable the use of less specialist staff at least in Key Stages 1 to 3?

Collaboration between schools, academies and colleges is being actively encouraged by the DfE and others in order to identify and adopt excellence. Are there collaborative models that offer cost savings? Sharing teachers with nearby schools in order to increase overall contact time per teacher or to enable a broader range of subjects to be taught may be a practical option, as may be the delivery of lessons remotely.  

The Hub will include thought provoking articles and thought pieces from experts that have experience in innovative curriculum design and in schools that have had to re-engineer their education offer to reduce their costs. 

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