Would you be able to spot fraudulent activity within your academy? Does your academy have a fraud policy in place? Is there good oversight and regular monitoring within your academy?

Fraud, bribery and corruption in academies are all becoming more and more common; with clear risks having been identified including embezzling petty cash or money for trips, wages and overtime being falsely claimed and much more. 

Recognising a fraud is half the battle, the real war comes in when academies need to address the issue and therein lies the bigger challenge – academies have limited resources and many lack the skills to properly tackle fraud once it is in the system. 

Fraud in academies is definitely an issue where prevention is better than the cure. However, understanding what fraud is; what it can look like and putting in place some baseline prevention techniques could prevent a fraud and deter those that may take advantage of opportunities.

Through articles, videos, tools, and guidance the Hub will provide you with everything you should consider as well as the latest approaches and thinking about understanding fraud in academies, spotting the warning signs and most crucially helping you and your academy put in place the right strategies and measures to prevent fraud.

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Schools Fraud Health Check / Mazars and Fighting Fraud Locally

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