Academies receive the same funding as maintained schools for every pupil on their register. They also get extra funding to cover the cost of services that used to be provided by the local authority.

Academies are funded from September to August in line with the academic year, unlike maintained schools, which are funded from April to March in line with the financial year.

Most funding for the running of academies comes from the general amount grant (GAG). This is paid to academies by the Education Funding Agency (EFA). based on a formula provided by your local authority. The EFA will tell you how much GAG funding you will get and how the grant has been calculated.

The general amount grant is made up of:

  • school budget share - calculated on a comparable basis to the running costs of maintained schools in the same local authority
  • education services grant - allocated to academies based on the number of pupils they are responsible for, to buy services no longer automatically provided by the local authority.

The school budget share is protected by a minimum funding guarantee, so that the funding for each pupil will not fall by more than 1.5% per year. 

Funding allocations for sixth forms and places in special units are not included in the calculation.

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