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Advisory and consultancy

CIPFA's consultancy services can help transform financial management in your organisation. The issues facing the public sector today are without precedent. But, amid the headlines, there are opportunities: to enhance, to adapt and to transform your processes, your delivery – and your organisation.

For this you need a special form of support. 

You want people who have a firm grip of the public sector. People you can trust to listen to your ideas. People who will develop the right solutions with you, and make a real difference.  

Our team of advisors can work with you to:

  • understand your current situation – and future needs and aspirations
  • create innovative and practical solutions that work for you
  • develop plans and support implementation 
  • build your capacity to manage future change.

Our services

Our advisors are skilled in transformation projects, and in programme and project management. We work in partnership with you to realise your goals with bespoke solutions or in tandem with specific consultancy services:

Next steps?

Contact our consultancy team to discuss how we can help you on T: 020 7543 5600 or email them on E:

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