Other consultancy help for academies

CIPFA also offer wider consultancy services to academies and MATs via the dedicated academies team and our wider resources and experts.

Anti-Corruption Health Check Service

Assess your readiness to respond to the UK Anti-Corruption Plan: the first UK Anti-Corruption Plan was published by government recently and sets out the UK’s current anti-corruption activities, the actions that government will take to tackle corruption, and the priorities for raising international standards and leading the global fight against corruption. 

For the Plan to be a success, every public service organisation will need to ensure that they have the right knowledge, skills, systems and policies in place. Use our team and service to ensure you meet the Plan’s commitments - and your academy is ready to prevent fraud and corruption.   

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PFI advisory service

CIPFA’s private finance initiative (PFI) advisory service can help organisations in the academies sector identify and deliver savings in PFI contracts whilst we also offer a free PFI health check that will ­ you with an initial report with potential cost saving areas to consider and proposed actions – without any up-front cost.

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Property advisory service

CIPFA Property is able to provide the practical advice and support to help you get the maximum out of your academy's or MAT's property assets.

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