dealing with the cuts

By the end of 2015/16, local government spending would have reduced by 35%. Huge savings have already been made, with front line services left largely intact but it is not over yet.

The Chancellor's call for a return to surplus by the end of the next parliament will mean even more cuts by 2019.  To help our customers, CIPFA's relaunched advisory service will help uncover new areas for cost savings and income generation in your organisation.

Over four weeks our advisors will apply comparative data and analysis to your organisation’s individual challenges. We will interpret the results for you and draw on our knowledge of best practice to identify real options for more economical service delivery.  Read more about our service.

To register your interest for our Dealing with the Cuts service – fill in our customer enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch.

Our customer explains how it works

'We engaged CIPFA to take a detailed look at ways in which we could achieve further savings and identify options for income generation - in addition to the significant and difficult steps we had already taken as an authority.

The project used CIPFA's up to date benchmarking information as a platform for identifying real opportunities which we were able to take with confidence to both officers and elected members.

The final report produced by CIPFA's advisers outlines a host of recommendations for top areas of cost reduction and income generation, some of which had not previously been considered, which can genuinely be considered for implementation in the coming period.'

Lynton Green, Director of Finance and Information Services

Warrington Borough Council

The five step review process

  1. Initial interviews and documents.
  2. Cost & income data collection.
  3. Analysis and filtering.
  4. Practical assessment.
  5. Summary report.