CIPFA Financial Management Model – revised and updated

Transform the financial health of your organisation

The CIPFA Financial Management (FM) Model is an online diagnostic toolkit for assessing the financial management of your organisation. It has been totally overhauled in 2016 for a new public sector and revised for a more user-friendly experience.

With reducing resources, but increasing pressure to deliver public services, effective financial management has never been so crucial. The FM Model can be tailored to focus on a particular aspect of financial management that you wish to improve, or conduct a full review of your whole organisation's financial management. 

Read how excellence in financial management can help transform and improve the performance of public bodies in the the CIPFA Insight report Accountability, Performance and Transformation.

Identify weaknesses and strengthen financial management

The revised FM Model will help you identify, or substantiate, weaknesses (as well as confirm strengths) within your organisation's financial management. It can help you develop and implement a target-driven plan allowing progress to be closely tracked and monitored. So if you are seeking to improve the performance or the financial management of your organisation then the FM Model should be central to your plans.

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The FM Model has been totally updated to:

  • reflect today's public sector – the very latest developments such as business partnering, increasing commercial focus, governance, procurement and the role of the CFO in the organisation have been incorporated in the benchmarking and best practice framework
  • enhance the functionality of the online diagnostic and user experience – it is slimmed down, paperless, faster to complete, more intuitive and a seamless self-assessment experience.

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Features and benefits

wide range of organisations in local government, central government and beyond have used the well-established FM Model over the years to help with their financial management. Find out what our users think.

The new version helps with:

  • sound decision making and accountability 
  • improved understanding of finances
  • enabling businesses of all kinds to manage their risks
  • an assessment of overall financial management capability 
  • providing the finance function with focus  
  • identifying cost-cutting opportunities and efficiency gains by accurately pinpointing weaknesses and acknowledging strengths.

Read more on the full features and benefits.

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