Quotes and testimonials

CIPFA receives strong engagement throughout local and central government and beyond regarding the FM Model. Here is a small flavour of some of the feedback.

"Excellent value for money and information at my fingertips… for this kind of information, you could easily spend four times as much on consultants coming in to tell you exactly the same thing." 

Margaret Lee, Section 151 Officer and Executive Director for Corporate and Customer Services, Essex County Council

"The value the CIPFA FM model added was credibility within the organisation of a respected independent professional body, carrying out a review of the financial environment within the organisation against best practice standards." 

Derek Lindsay, Director of Finance, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Ayr 

"The CIPFA FM model presents a leading practice framework for financial management at public service entities. The model provided us with a clear, straightforward and efficient tool to profile an entity’s baseline financial management practices, diagnose gaps in comparison to the model and recommend improvements towards leading practices."

Ghazi Mousharafieh, Finance Audit & Profession Regulation, Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority

"CIPFA’s FM review provides the board with a very useful benchmark of the organisation’s financial management and where improvement is needed the most… a must for senior management wanting to make sure they are in the strongest possible position in these financially challenging times."

Nigel Addison Smith, Finance Director, Exports Credit Guarantee Department 

"The CIPFA FM model provided a very useful insight into the Treasury’s internal financial management performance, highlighting strengths as well as areas for potential development." 

Liz Corrin, Head of HM Treasury Group Finance