PFI advisory service

CIPFA’s private finance initiative (PFI) advisory service will help public sector organisations identify and deliver savings in their PFI contracts.

The UK public sector has never before had to deal with the need to reduce expenditure and find savings on the current scale. Therefore, there can be no hiding place where inefficiencies may lurk, including the considerable sums of money that are paid in relation to large numbers of PFI/PPP projects. The time has come for all parties to recognise this national imperative and to work together to deliver real savings.

Free PFI consultation

Register for our free consultation and we will ­provide you with an initial report with potential cost saving areas to consider and proposed actions – without any up-front cost.

Meet our partners

Tony Hazell

Tony was directly involved in the creation and development of the private finance initiative, has over 30 years of experience, and has led one of the UK’s leading consultancy teams on competitive tendering.
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Alan Jessop

Alan has worked on more than 100 PFI projects during his career and been involved in all aspects from bid to financial close and then into the operational phase. Alan acted as lead underwriter to a number of the very first UK PFI projects, mainly in the health sector.
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