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This is your gateway to an extensive suite of information, comparative data, research and analytics products and services. They are all designed to help you and your organisation succeed. All local authority transformation projects are made easier with CIPFA benchmarking clubs. We provide the essential comparative data that you need and upon which to base decisions.

Our interactive tools for both Benchmarking and CIPFAstats services allow you to:

  • easily select those areas of your service you are interested in
  • deepen your understanding of how well your service is performing
  • choose with which other local authorities you would like to be compared.

Check out how they work by clicking here for Benchmarking or here for CIPFAstats.

Comparative data sets

We provide over 100 individual comparative data sets grouped as follows:

  • Comparative Profiles – our extensive benchmarking experience and customer demand has led us to develop a suite of comparative profiles that compare an authority to a selected group across indicators, collected from key public sector data sources.
  • Corporate Services Benchmarking Clubs – cover the key back office functions that you will need to improve if you are to maximise your efficiency and deliver more services with a reducing budget.
  • CIPFAstats – 24 annual surveys of local authority operations, capturing information on all of the main activities from education and social care through to housing and waste management. Comparing your data with others can be highly revealing – and extremely useful in identifying areas for improvement. 
    Subscription renewal details can be found here.
  • CFO Insights - is Powered by CIPFA and delivered in partnership with Grant Thornton. It is an online analysis tool for those aspiring to improve the financial position of their local authority. It gives instant access to insight around the financial performance, socio-economic context and service outcomes for every council in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Fees and Charges – some authorities are now finding income generating initiatives not only make a real impact in generating additional funds but can also bring more autonomy, independence and a reduced reliance on central government support. Are your service charges in line with your peers?
  • Social Care Benchmarking Service – help authorities share data in a supportive environment. This extends to the peer support groups where successes can be shared and good ideas debated and trialled. This includes comparative data for all aspects of adult and children’s social care.
  • Strategic Capability Assessment Framework - developed in partnership with Essex County Council and practitioners from: health, local government and central government; this model will enable you to pinpoint your strategic capability.
  • VfM Indicators – will assess your organisation’s performance and pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses, helping you to make more informed decisions on budget and performance improvement. The system also provides you with solid, data-related evidence to support decisions. HM Treasury specifically recommends collecting and reporting on back-office performance for organisations with more than 250 employees. 
  • VfM Toolkit – an easy to use, visual tool, the VfM Toolkit allows you to track the costs and performance of your services and compare them to your peers. 
    Click here to see the VfM Toolkit in action.

To discuss which comparative data sets best suit your needs contact us on E: or T: 020 7543 5600.

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Comparative data and benchmarking

CIPFA benchmarking clubs look at the key functions affecting efficiency in your organisation, in areas such as finance, governance, revenues and benefits, HR, legal and democratic functions.

CIPFA is the market leader in local government comparative data with years of experience. Our team offers you unrivalled expertise and operates to the highest standards.

All our reports are prepared using extensive analysis and robust validation of data. To help you get the maximum benefit from your report, we give you access to all the raw data, plus a tool to help you analyse it further.

We also provide access to review meetings that provide an opportunity for you to come together with your peers and share best practice from the exercise.

How we can help you

Our benchmarking exercises are designed to answer questions such as:

  • How are you performing?
  • Are you performing better year on year?
  • How does your performance compare with that of peer organisations?
  • Are you providing value for money?

They also provide an opportunity to answer your questions:

  • Can we learn anything from other organisations?
  • Where exactly does our performance fall short?
  • What level of improvement can we realistically expect to make?

All of the above questions are applicable no matter how your services are delivered, whether in-house, via shared services or contracted out.


  • Over 100 data sets available, providing you with a one-stop shop for comparative performance data.
  • All areas of local authority activity covered which means that we have something for everyone.
  • Avoid costly mistakes and learn from your peers to reduce your project implementation costs and timescales.
  • CIPFA's over 100 years’ experience means that we understand your issues and challenges.
  • We can link a wide range of additional services to support your complete transformation projects.

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