About CIPFA benchmarking clubs

CIPFA Benchmarking is the market leader in local government benchmarking, with high levels of customer satisfaction and high re-join rates. With years of experience, our benchmarking team offer you unrivalled expertise and operate to the highest of standards.

All our reports are prepared using extensive analysis and robust validation of data. To help you get the maximum benefit from your report, we give you access to all the raw data, plus a tool to help you analyse it further.

We also provide access to review meetings, to provide an opportunity for you to come together with your peers and share best practice from the exercise.

How we can help you

Our benchmarking exercises are designed to answer the questions posed by the transparency agenda, such as:

  • How are you performing?
  • Are you performing better year on year?
  • How does your performance compare with peer organisations?
  • Are you providing value for money?

They also provide an opportunity to answer your questions:

  • Can we learn anything from other organisations?
  • Where exactly does our performance fall short?
  • What level of improvement can we realistically expect to make?

All of the above questions are applicable now matter how your services are delivered: whether in-house, via shared services or contracted out.

How we give you the power you need to succeed

CIPFA Corporate Services Benchmarking will provide you with a platform for improvement - and the ideas, information and contacts necessary to help you achieve it. We do this by:

  • Comparing like with like - we produce precise definitions of what is being benchmarked and apply data validation techniques to ensure the benchmarks provided are as good a comparison as can reasonably be expected.
  • Encouraging participation - we use member steering groups and review meetings.
  • Promoting good practice - we encourage members to share latest thinking and best practice.
  • Focusing on improvement - we facilitate exchange of information, methods and ideas.
  • Enabling further process comparison - we supply the full database of raw data along with an interactive report to all members returning data.
  • Mapping performance trends - we compare current and historical performance.
  • Collating and providing information on quality initiatives - we use the scrapbook section of the questionnaire.

Why our benchmarking clubs are successful

  • A large and proactive membership.
  • Consistency through common and robust definitions.
  • Careful validation of data supplied by members.
  • Confidential comparisons with a wide range of similar authorities as well as with comparators chosen by the member.
  • Detailed reports showing not just how members compare in terms of headline cost benchmarks, but also some of the reasons why their performance differs from others.
  • The opportunity to learn from other authorities' successes and failures.
  • The ability to compare with members who have contracted out services and with those with shared services.
  • Performance reports can be produced for shared services management in addition to the detailed reports for the commissioning authorities.
  • A dedicated team of benchmarking professionals ensures a successful outcome is delivered for every club.