How CIPFA benchmarking clubs work

To benefit from the huge advantages of our benchmarking clubs, all you need to do is pay an annual membership fee. This gives you access to documentation, data collection, a telephone helpline, reports and other feedback, plus a place at review meetings.

We have developed the clubs with a real club ethos - which means you only get out of your club what you put in. You are not able to buy data; to receive data you must return data.

Measuring value for money

When it comes to measuring value for money, the quality of services is as important as their cost. However, it's very difficult to measure and compare quality. As a result, our clubs are mainly focussed on benchmarking costs, activity levels and other workload-related measures.

Where there are established national indicators for the service, the clubs will generally collect them.

  • Some of our clubs use good practice questionnaires to monitor achievement against predefined good practice.
  • Several clubs offer a web-based customer satisfaction survey to assess users' opinions of the quality of the service that they receive.
  • Most questionnaires have a scrapbook section in which we collect textual and quality information on current issues. This is then emailed to all members. Previous issues include: information on e-commerce, customer satisfaction, staff retention and recruitment, future departmental developments and details of initiatives aimed at improving value for money.

Protecting your confidentiality

Information provided by members is confidential, and all club members agree to respect this confidentiality. Our reports only refer to individual members by letters and a key to the names (which members are only allowed to share with their immediate colleagues) is provided separately.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Attendance at steering group meetings and review meetings is approved by CIPFA for CPD purposes and certificates will be available.