Electoral services

This club benchmarks electoral service departments and considers data pertinent to the costs, resources and workloads for both the maintenance of the electoral register and conducting elections.

This club will be new for 2014.  The questionnaire has been developed by a pilot group of practitioners with assistance from members of the Association of Electoral Administrators (AEA). The exercise will focus on the two main activities performed within electoral services: maintenance of the electoral register and conduct of elections.

Maintenance of the electoral register

  • Full cost breakdown: staff costs, costs of publicity & outreach, costs of printing & postage, and IT costs including the costs of Electoral Management Software (EMS) and Interactive Voter Registration (IVR) etc.
  • Workload data including the number of canvass forms issues and processed, properties visited, remote registration, amendments to the register etc.
  • Analysed costs: printing and distribution of annual canvass forms, polling cards, ballot papers and postal votes packs, and the use made of external print providers.

Conduct of elections

  • Full cost breakdown: costs of permanent and temporary staff, the costs of printing & distribution, polling station costs, the costs of counting votes etc.
  • Workload data: types of and number of elections, candidates, votes and turnout rates etc.
  • Additional information: number of polling places and stations, staffing levels at polling stations and a breakdown of votes by method etc.
  • Scale of fees information.

Additional information

  • Staffing information: pay grades, experience and turnover etc.
  • Performance standards for Electoral Registration Officers.
  • Performance standards for Returning Officers.

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