Treasury management

This benchmarking club covers Treasury management and it analyses the previous year’s treasury management activity for both investment and borrowing. Investment spreadsheets are provided for members use, so that their monthly balances and returns can be computed on a consistent basis for various types of investment including: fixed rate deposits, callable and structured products, notice accounts, money market funds, gilts and bonds, externally managed funds.

We can then compare:

  • rates of interest received and average balances for investments
  • maturity profiles for investments
  • rates of interest paid and balances for temporary and long term borrowing.
  • overall cost of the treasury management function.

There is also an option of quarterly investment comparisons in 2014-2015, providing quick up-to-date feedback for members.

What do you get?

Join and you'll benefit from:

  • clearly defined and well-presented questionnaires
  • helpline and email service
  • detailed comparative reports
  • club database, interactive report, collated text questions
  • access to review meetings.

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Treasury Management Example Questionnaire 2016

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Treasury Management Example Report 2016

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