Digital transformation analytics

Digital transformation analytics

Drive transformation and improve quality and efficiency.

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Insights and impartiality

Digital Transformation Analytics provides actionable insights based on real contact data and the real experience of peers. It will demonstrate where the most likely areas for savings and improvement can be found, and what realistic change goals look like. The service has no channel prejudices or agendas beyond understanding what works and why in delivering a high quality service experience in an affordable way.

“The data has been shared with important stakeholders in the customer service team and I believe it has helped give us more direction and understanding of how other authorities are managing similar changes to us.”

Nicola Hughes, South Kesteven District Council

White papers

The white papers below by Dr Gerald Power will be of interest to any local authorities engaged in the process of transforming their service delivery model and seeking to achieve savings and improvements from the use of online or digital options.

Gerald has worked within central government and with local government for nearly a decade on channel shift and is a passionate advocate of ‘digital self-service’. However, as well as highlighting the potential benefits he also provides some plain talking advice on why channel shift often fails to deliver those anticipated benefits. 

Having worked within the Cabinet Office and Directgov and with leading public and private sector organisations, he has in-depth experience of both success and failure in channel shift at the national and local level. His area of particular expertise is in obtaining and using evidence of cost, contact volumes and behaviour in making the business case for investing in change and driving projects through to successful completion.

The papers have been written in support of the work CIPFA is doing in partnership with RedQuadrant on customer contact management and providing the tools needed to understand contact and manage change. 


  • Comprehensive approach.
  • Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Learn from peers.
  • Save time. 

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