Social Care Benchmarking

Social Care Benchmarking Club

CIPFA's Social Care Benchmarking Club help authorities share data in a supportive environment. This extends to the peer support groups where successes can be shared and good ideas debated and trialled.

Children's social care

Popular benchmarking services:

A free children's services summary report will be available to members who take part in all children's services clubs.

Adult social care

Popular benchmarking services:

  • Residential and Nursing Care Benchmarking Club – this detailed information allows costs to be examined by client type, age and type of care.
  • Early Intervention – the service has a wide scope, covering early intervention, transition from children's services, the structure of care management teams and many other topics where authorities are looking into how they provide a smarter or more efficient service.
  • ASC-FR (previously called PSS EX1) Reports – a comprehensive analysis of the data provided in the ASC- FR (previously PSS Ex1) data set, as released by the Department of Health's Information Centre.
A free adult social care summary report will be available to members who take part in all adult social care clubs. This summary report will draw upon key information already provided within our clubs as well as incorporating information from central government.

Related services

Financial Assessments – this service provides the comparisons you need to manage all aspects of your service.
Public Health Reports – these comparative reports use the latest Public Health England and DCLG data. They display the information as simple and easy to read charts that collectively build up a detailed view of how public health services within your authority compare to others.


  • Comparing like with like – we produce precise definitions of what is being benchmarked and apply data validation techniques to ensure the benchmarks provided are as good a comparison as can reasonably be expected.
  • Encouraging participation – we use member steering groups and review meetings.
  • Promoting good practice – we encourage members to share latest thinking and best practice.
  • Focusing on improvement – we facilitate exchange of information, methods and ideas.
  • Enabling further process comparison – we supply the full database of raw data along with an interactive report to all members returning data.
  • Mapping performance trends – we compare current and historical performance.
  • Collating and providing information on quality initiatives – we use the scrapbook section of the questionnaire.

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