Anti-corruption health check service

Assess your readiness to respond to the UK Anti-Corruption Plan

The first UK Anti-Corruption Plan was published in December 2014. It sets out the UK’s current anti-corruption activities, the actions that government will take to tackle corruption, and the priorities for raising international standards and leading the global fight against corruption.

How will you respond to the Plan?

For the Plan to be a success, every public service organisation will need to ensure that they have the right knowledge, skills, systems and policies in place.

  • Do you have a system in place to spot the signs of corruption?
  • Have your staff been trained to spot ‘improper’ hospitality?
  • Do you know how many corruption allegations you have investigated over the past five years?
  • Do you know how many whistleblowing calls you have had on corruption over the past five years?
  • Do your policies and systems include good practice on anti-corruption?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions above, our health check service will be relevant to you.

What will the anti-corruption health check cover?

One of our experts – Rachael Tiffen, Head of the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre, Les Dobie, the Centre’s Head of Training, or John Baker from Moore Stephens, the leading consultants and specialist investigators – will meet with you and your team.

They will guide you through a comprehensive checklist that we have created with Moore Stephens to evaluate your anti-corruption readiness.  

Having established your current circumstances, they will suggest a number of actions that you could take to meet the Plan’s commitments and give you the tools necessary to complete these.

For example, this may include updating your policies, in which case you will be given template examples to use.

For more information and to arrange your health check, please contact us on T: 020 7543 5600 or at E:

One of your subscription benefits

If your organisation subscribes to the Counter Fraud Centre, you will receive a 10% discount off any fees.

Our experts

Rachael Tiffen

Rachael heads up the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre (CCFC), the UK’s first centre of excellence that provides tools, support, training and thought leadership for counter fraud professionals across the public services. Rachael has over 20 years’ experience in local government, heading up audit and fraud investigations teams at Islington, Lambeth, Waltham Forest and Enfield. She has been chair of the London counter fraud partnership since 2005 and was instrumental in founding the CIPFA Better Governance Forum. She was appointed chair of the CIPFA Fraud Advisory Panel in 2007 and as part of this group she co-wrote the three CIPFA Red Books, Managing the Risk of Fraud. Rachael worked at the National Fraud Authority 2010–2013 as head of public sector fraud and was responsible for drafting and leading on Fighting Fraud Locally – the local government counter fraud strategy. During 2013–2014, Rachael managed the Ministry of Defence’s Counter Fraud Service.

Les Dobie

Les is the CCFC’s head of training and has over 30 years’ experience in economic crime investigation and fraud risk management in both the public and private sectors. Les began his career in law enforcement but moved into the private sector where he worked for a number of large professional services firms. He has investigated large-scale frauds, including the UK end of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, one of the biggest frauds ever committed. In the last decade he was head of external investigations for the government’s Coal Miners’ Compensation Scheme, at £9bn the world’s biggest industrial compensation scheme. More recently he has dealt with fraud and corruption cases abroad and led a number of regulatory investigations for the Insolvency Service. He also has recent experience of large-scale health care fraud and corruption, involving organised crime. Between 2011 and 2013, Les carried out a number of fraud risk management assignments for local and central government, including a number of large London boroughs, OFGEM, DECC and the Home Office.

John Baker

John leads the counter fraud/bribery services at Moore Stephens and has been involved in countering fraud and corruption for over 20 years, having worked in or with a host of organisations to develop and embed counter fraud and corruption strategies, undertake investigations, design and deliver training, and undertake fraud and bribery risk assessments. John has delivered counter fraud services to a large number of local authorities and other organisations across all sectors. He sits on the Advisory Panel of the University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies and on the editorial board for the Fraud Intelligence magazine and is vice-chair of the London Audit Group’s Fraud Sub-Group. Previously, he was a director of the London Fraud Forum and an executive member of the Institute of Counter Fraud Specialists. He is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops in the UK and overseas.


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