CIPFA Counter Fraud Assessment Tool

The counter fraud assessment tool measures and compares your organisation’s counter fraud arrangements with others to highlight where improvements are needed.

The CIPFA Better Governance Forum (BGF) and the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre have developed an easy-to-use assessment tool that measures your counter fraud arrangements against the Counter Fraud Code of Practice. 

It works by helping you to identify where your organisation’s strengths lie and where remedial action may be needed. It also allows you to benchmark your organisation against others, giving you an invaluable insight into the experience of your peers.

Local authorities will find the tool particularly useful when they come to prepare their annual governance statements (AGS), which must include an evaluation of the adequacy of their counter fraud arrangements.

When you have entered your information into the tool, you have the option to submit it to the CIPFA benchmarking team, who will then create a bespoke report comparing the performance of your counter fraud arrangements with those of your peers.

One of your subscription benefits

Organisations that subscribe to the Counter Fraud Centre are sent their bespoke assessment tool on joining the Centre. Instructions on how to submit data for the benchmarking report are included in the tool.

Benefits of the tool

  • The tool evaluates your performance against the Counter Fraud Code of Practice.
  • It generates reports and graphs to illustrate your performance against the code.
  • It includes examples of good practice to help inform your assessment.
  • The tool records comments, providing a robust evidence base for the assessment.
  • It enables you to track your and your team’s progress.
  • It supports your AGS and informs your development plans.

Watch a video

See our video for more information about the tool.

Our Experts

Diana Melville

Diana Melville

Governance Advisor

Diana is the lead advisor for the CIPFA Better Governance Forum. She is a CIPFA-qualified accountant and is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Read more...

Rachael Tiffen

Head of Counter Fraud Centre

Rachael heads up the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre, the UK’s first centre of excellence that provides tools, support, training and thought leadership for counter fraud professionals across the public services. Read more...

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