CIPFA Fraud and Corruption Tracker

“All of us in the public sector must be aware of the need to tackle fraud and to do so effectively we need to understand the extent and scale of the problem. We at the Local Government Association strongly support this initiative and encourage our member councils and others to participate fully.” Sarah Pickup, Deputy Chief Executive, Local Government Association

The CIPFA Fraud and Corruption Tracker (CFaCT) is a truly national, up-to-date overview of all fraud, bribery and corruption activity throughout the UK public sector.

It is similar to the former Annual Fraud and Corruption Survey delivered by the Audit Commission. It includes questions commissioned by the Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally Board and the Home Office to give an even fuller picture of the preparedness and actions being taken by local authorities and other organisations across the country.

It examines:

  • levels of fraud and corruption detected each financial year
  • number of investigations undertaken
  • types of fraud encountered
  • emerging trends.

Head of the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre, Rachael Tiffen says:

“Fraudsters beware – local authorities are getting smarter and more effective. This is saving taxpayers’ money and helping to get council houses, disabled parking badges and other vital services to the people who really need them. However, more needs to be done. At least 10% of authorities still don’t have a dedicated counter fraud team and there remain many barriers to data sharing that could help to expose fraudsters. We recommend that local authorities work together to pool resources and information. The first step will be to agree a common approach to recording and measuring fraud.”

One of your subscription benefits

If your organisation subscribes to the Counter Fraud Centre and you complete the survey, you will receive a report examining how your counter fraud activities and performance compares to your peers, as part of your subscription and in addition to the national report.

Download the 2016 report  

The 2016 report can be downloaded here (PDF, 1.1MB). This report was revised and updated in December 2016.

Download the 2015 report

The 2015 report can be downloaded here

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