CIPFA Fraud and Corruption Tracker

A truly national overview of all fraud, bribery and corruption activity throughout the UK public sector.

The CIPFA Fraud and Corruption Tracker (CFaCT) survey gives a national picture of fraud, bribery and corruption in the UK’s public sector and the actions being taken to prevent it. It aims to:

  • help organisations understand where fraud losses could be occurring
  • provide a guide to the value of detected and prevented fraud loss
  • help senior leaders understand the value of anti-fraud activity
  • assist operational staff to develop pro-active anti-fraud plans.

CFaCT builds on the former Annual Fraud and Corruption Survey delivered by the Audit Commission and has been expanded to include questions commissioned by the Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally Board and the Home Office.

Download 2018 survey  

Public sector organisations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are now invited to complete this year's survey.

To take part, click the button below and save the Excel file to your local PC.

Download the survey

The survey asks you to provide the levels of fraud and corruption your organisation has detected, the number of investigations undertaken and the types of fraud encountered.

When you have completed it, save the file and send it to us at:  

We ask that only one survey is completed per organisation.

If you don’t see your organisation listed in the survey, please contact us at:

Survey deadline

This year's survey closes on Friday 22 June 2018. Every response contributes towards the national report - many thanks in advance for your input.

One of your subscription benefits

If your organisation subscribes to the Counter Fraud Centre, you will receive a bespoke report examining how your counter fraud activities and performance compares to your peers.

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