Zurich Municipal

Zurich Municipal is part of the Zurich Insurance group, Zurich. We are one of the leading providers of risk and insurance solutions to Britain’s public services. Handling over 100,000 claims every year, we look after: UK local authorities, health services, educational establishments, charities and voluntary bodies and social housing associations.

We help deliver the risk management strategies, best practices and insurance cover that organisations need to maximise the welfare of their communities while also improving their resilience and ability to deliver transformational change.

“Fraud is an ever-present threat in the insurance industry,” says Scott Clayton, Claims Fraud and Investigations Manager at Zurich Financial Services. However, “We are getting the message out there that insurance fraud is not tolerated and that the penalties for being caught are more severe than they’ve ever been.”

When fraud impacts upon the work of local authorities, every pound lost leads to a reduction in public services. But the good news is that the fight against fraudsters is shifting – over the past five years, Zurich Municipal has helped councils make over £82m in fraud savings – enough to buy just over 90 MRI scanners, 460 new bin lorries or 96,000 interactive school white boards.