Products and services

We offer a range of products, services and tools to help your organisation tackle fraud and corruption risks.

Code of Practice

The CIPFA Code of Practice on Managing the Risk of Fraud and Corruption sets out the five key principles required to create an effective counter-fraud response. It is supported by detailed guidance notes on how to apply the principles and an assessment tool to help you measure your organisation’s arrangements against the Code. 

Whistleblowing e-learning

Staff are the eyes and ears of any organisation, and whistleblowing arrangements are a vital component of good governance and risk management. Our interactive e-learning course will help your staff understand what whistleblowing is and how to raise concerns.

Anti-bribery and corruption e-learning

Strengthen your organisation’s defence against bribery and corruption. Train your staff to recognise what constitutes a bribe, how to respond, which preventative methods to follow and more, with our anti-bribery and corruption e-learning.

CIPFA data analytics service

We are working with strategic partner BAE Systems Applied Intelligence to create a new, advanced data analytics service. It aims to revolutionise how public sector organisations work together and use technology to identify and protect themselves against fraudulent activity and cyber-attack.

Fraud Risk Wheel

Identifying and assessing fraud risks is only the first step. Proactive organisations understand where their fraud risks come from, and develop prevention plans around these. Our Fraud Risk Wheel is an interactive, web-based tool that offers detailed guidance on different fraud risks, strengthening your fraud risk process.

Counter Fraud and Corruption Tracker (CFaCT) survey

CFaCT is the annual survey of the fraud and corruption detected in local authorities across the UK. It is similar to the former Annual Fraud and Corruption Survey delivered by the Audit Commission and includes questions commissioned by the Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally Board and the Home Office.

Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally

The Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally 2016-2019 strategy is the definitive guide for council leaders, chief executives, finance directors and all those with governance responsibilities. It includes practical steps for fighting fraud, best practice tips and insights into the anti-fraud and corruption landscape. 

CIPFA Better Governance Forum

Established over 15 years ago, the CIPFA Better Governance Forum offers support and guidance on governance and audit.

TISonline Risk Management and Counter Fraud information stream

TISonline is an online resource centre containing over 30 streams for financial managers to use. The Risk Management and Counter Fraud stream covers corporate governance, risk management and fraud prevention.

Counter Fraud Benchmarking Club

Complementing the work of the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre and Better Governance Forum, the Counter Fraud Benchmarking Club collects data to help you assess and compare how your counter fraud performance compares with the wider public sector.


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