CIPFA data analytics service

The CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre is working with strategic partner, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence to develop counter fraud and cyber security solutions for the public services.

We are now creating a new, advanced data analytics service that will revolutionise how public sector organisations can work together and use technology to identify and protect themselves against fraudulent activity and cyber-attack.

CIPFA data analytics service at a glance

Powered by BAE, the CIPFA service can:

  • enable public sector organisations to feed their information into a secure data store
  • provide a single customer base that can be used to detect fraud and error
  • support the sharing of information across multiple organisations, for example neighbouring local authorities
  • include data feeds from third parties such as Amberhill, which collates details of known false and fraudulently obtained documents
  • be built specifically for the public services
  • contribute to the national picture
  • enable CIPFA to create real time alerts for service users as risks/trends occur and as they become part of our common risk register, helping users to prevent fraud more easily.

You can read more about the CIPFA and BAE Systems partnership here

If you wish to know more about the data analytics service please contact us at E: