CIPFA and London Borough of Redbridge have launched a platform to help public sector organisations make data available in a simple and effective way that meets the needs of both government and the public.

What is DataShare?

DataShare was developed by the London Borough of Redbridge as a way to make accessing and inspecting public data easier for everyone; as well as easier for developers wishing to use the data in their applications, websites and widgets.

Why do I need it?

The 2014 Local Government Transparency Code includes a number of mandatory obligations, as well as a number of recommendations for the publication of data by local authorities, DataShare will help to meet these requirements through;

  • reducing the number of freedom for information requests,
  • allowing you to publish financial and non-financial data in an easy and transparent way,
  • showing data in geographical, graphical and tabular formats,
  • comparing data using the inbuilt analytical tools.

If you would like to sign up for DataShare, please visit the Expression of Interest page and use the Expression of Interest form.

Additionally you can request access to the DataShare Sand Pit Site to upload your own datasets onto our demo DataShare website, this will allow you to experience how to implement DataShare for your organisation.


Datashare Flyer

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