Datashare sand pit site

You can request access to the DataShare Sand Pit Site to upload your own datasets onto our demo DataShare website. This will allow you to experience how to implement DataShare for your organisation.

Listed below are just some of the key functions available by using DataShare for your public data:

  • categorisation of data
  • filtration and sorting of data
  • downloading of data (in csv or xml)
  • viewing of data in a table or in graphical format (column, bar, line or pie)
  • geographical mapping using open source mapping
  • data visualisation
  • integration with
  • open source mapping
  • ability to import data set definitions from other DataShare instances.

To experience the benefits of sharing your data utilising DataShare, you can request access to the DataShare Demo site and upload your own sample data. You will be able to use DataShare in its entirety, initially you will be given a superuser admin account and can then create your own administrative accounts (with associated restrictions) as you would in your own implementation. You will also be able to view the site as a member of the public to see how your data can be viewed and filtered.

Please note however if given access to this site you will be sharing it with others testing DataShare, please keep this in mind and only delete/change your own data/accounts - thank you.

DataShare Sand Pit Site - Admin Login

DataShare Sand Pit Site - Public View

To request access please contact E: