Frequently asked questions about DataShare, a new platform to help public sector organisations make data available in a simple and effective way.

What platform will it work on?

The recommended server set up for DataShare is:

Web Server

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008+
  • Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) 7
  • Web Platform Installer
  • Microsoft .Net 4
  • MVC 3
  • SQL Server Management Objects (v10)

Database Server

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

    Can I use this on our intranet or extranet site?

    Yes, if you position this inside your firewall then it can only be viewed on your intra/extranet.

    Can I set up different access levels?

    Yes, you have various options, ranging from super administrators – with rights to carry out any function – to data uploaders – who can only upload data. You can also set up the facility for data to be signed off prior to it going live.

    How is data uploaded?

    You can upload your data by completing our CSV template, which can be downloaded once your schema is set up, and then simply uploading that file into DataShare.

    Can users give feedback?

    Yes, users can complete and submit a feedback form, administrators can then view this.

    I can’t see our authority logo?

    Authorities can add their own logo to the website. When you run the website and you notice the logo is not displayed, make sure the logo file is named “CouncilLogo.png” and the dimensions are not wider than 220 pixels and taller than 63 pixels in size so that it will display.

    I can’t add a field or delete a schema?

    This happens when a SQL keyword/reserved word is used as a column name within any dataset. The following reserved words should not be used: having, external, and identity. See a list of SQL reserved words.

    Can I visualise data in map format?

    Yes, by using a longitude and latitude data type while creating a schema. The dataset automatically uses those values to display the location on the map.

    Are there any guidance notes to setup DataShare?

    Yes, there are various documentations available to help with installing and upgrading DataShare onto your local computer including DataShare Installation Guide (PDF, 1.1 MB).

    How much does it cost?

    Typically the licence fee for lower and upper tier authorities will be within the range of £650 and £1000 a year respectively, for 12 months Licence/Maintenance & Support. For more information on pricing including possible multi year purchases, please call customer support on;

    T: 020 7543 5600 (main Switchboard and ask for DataShare Support)

    or use the following email;

    E: datashare@cipfa.org (subject - DataShare Information Request: Pricing).

    Can I view an example?

    Yes, please visit Example Live Sites for a links to authorities currently using DataShare.

    Can I access a demo site to test DataShare?

    Yes, please visit DataShare Sand Pit Site for more information.