International services

An overview of some of the international services CIPFA provides around the world

CIPFA are global experts in public financial management. We offer a range of services to support countries and international bodies.


We award public financial management qualifications and provide assistance to countries seeking to create their own national qualifications.

Advice, guidance and training

Our Advisory and Transformation support public financial management improvement projects throughout the world. They help you build capacity, design and deliver training programmes, implement new standards, and support you according to your specific requirements.

Global standards

We are a founding member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and we provide technical input to other international boards and committees. Read about our Global standards.

Reports and publications

We share our expertise in public financial management in reports and publications. These range from our A Whole System Approach framework to help countries improve their public financial management and service delivery, to information on a specific initiatives.

News and commentary

We are co-founders of Public Finance International, the website dedicated to bringing you the latest public financial management news, along with Public Finance magazine and Ernst & Young.



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