Audit Conference 2014


All presentations from the CIPFA Audit Conference 2014 held on 14-15 May are now available to download:

Day 1

Bill Jamieson - Keynote session (pdf 96kb)

Steve Warren - future of public sector audit (pdf 464kb)

Gerry Cox - IASAB update (pdf 991kb)

Richard Humphries - health and social care integration (pdf 1.1mb)

Sallie Dailly - modern, effective IA service (pdf 342kb)

Andrew Townsend - modern, effective IA service (pdf 250kb)

Brendan McCarron - getting difficult messages across (pdf 292kb)

Jaki Salisbury - President's address (pdf 1.1mb)

Day 2

Alan Calder - understanding cyber risks (pdf 860kb)

Sarah Howard - Cliff Nicholson Award winner (pdf 226kb)

Keeley Lund - making the most of quality (pdf 151kb)

Ray Gard - effective external assessment (pdf 358kb)

Robin Pritchard - effective external assessment (pdf 302kb)

Mike Suffield - NAO's new role in local government and health (pdf 218kb)

Jay Hussain - IA's role in improving public sector's procurement and contract management (pdf 330kb)

Dawn Reeves - creating change (pdf 482kb)