IRM research on risk culture


The Institute of Risk Management is undertaking research work on risk culture.  In support of this they are running a number of surveys and are keen to encourage wide input to these.

1.       Risk-Type Compass™ – starting with risk perceptions at the individual level, this is a personality based risk tolerance assessment which places individuals into one of eight Risk-Types.

2.       Risk Culture Organisational Survey – this looks at how organisations address risk culture in practice and the challenges faced as well as exploring the nature of risk culture using the ‘Risk Aspects’ model that IRM is developing.

3.   Risk Culture Model Survey – this is looking at whether different types of organisational culture, using the Goffee & Jones culture model, make it more or less easy to complete various risk management tasks. This is attached as a word document as it requires a little more consideration than can be provided in an online survey.