childrens social care event october 2012


In October 2012 the CIPFA Children's Services Finance Advisory Network (CSFAN) ran a series on the Financial Implications of Children's Social Care.

The first session looked at the context, in terms of the financial climate and also the fact that councils are seeing increased demands for their social type services. CIPFA's Smart Cuts report was also examined, looking at the fact that many preventative/early intervention services, which are not ring fenced and non statutory, are being cut.

The second session was from the Education Funding Agency, who discussed the reforms in special education needs (SEN)/high needs Funding.

The SEN Efficiencies session featured case studies from Stockport on SEN Transport and also the West London Alliance on collaboration.

The afternoon looked at the challenges and opportunities for councils, particularly how a virtuous circle can quickly become a vicious circle if early intervention/preventative services are cut for some families.

Andy Simpkins Transport savings (PDF, 529 KB)

Childrens Half Day Draft October 2012 (PDF, 2.62 MB)

Children and Families Care and Support Half Day October 2012 (PPT 2.7MB)

Childrens Services Early Intervention and Prevention (PDF, 252 KB)

Craig Brewin West London Alliance (PDF, 6.59 MB)

CSFAN Introduction (PDF, 242 KB)

DFE Presentation (PDF, 55.8 KB)

Social Care Technical update (PDF, 101 KB)