Academies Spend Data 201011

The DfE have published Academies' spend data for the first time (19th July 2012).  The publication contains information on Academies’ income and expenditure for the academic year 2010/2011 and forms part of the Coalition Government’s data transparency agenda. 

The published tables use data from the Abbreviated Accounts Returns (AARs) completed by each Academy Trust for the period ending 31 August 2011 (generally the academic year September 2010 to August 2011).  This is data that shows each Academy Trust’s income and spending for the year and was provided to the Education Funding Agency (previously the YPLA) by Academies and federations.  In addition, we have published a raw data file so that people can carry out further analysis themselves.

This data is not directly comparable with the data collected for local authority maintained schools for a number of reasons, including that the AAR return has different income and expenditure categories to the Consistent Financial Reporting return completed by local authority maintained schools and that Academies receive additional funding to reflect their wider responsibilities.  The accompanying User Guide provides more information on the differences in the datasets.

All schools and Academies work to achieve the best outcomes for their pupils and must use their resources effectively to do this.  By publishing Academies’ spend data alongside attainment data, we want to help Academies to see if they are delivering value for money and equip parents with the information they need to ask questions of schools.  We want to encourage people – and Academies themselves – to look at their spending, including that spending compared to other Academies, so that they can ask questions about spending decisions and identify areas where there is scope to improve value for money.

The data, User Guide and Technical Guide are all available to be downloaded at