School Funding Consultation March 2012


School funding reform: Next steps towards a fairer system explains how the DfE plan to proceed with reform until the end of the current Spending Review period. It contains a number of important announcements and invites views on areas where there are different options.  Key points from the document include: confirmation that they will work towards introducing a national funding formula in the next Spending Review period; setting the Minimum Funding Guarantee at minus 1.5% for 2013-14 and 2014-15; local funding arrangements will be simplified and Schools Forums' reformed; the EFA will play a strong role in ensuring fairness within the new system; they will introduce a new methodology for funding high need pupils, and the funding of early years provision will be simplified and made more transparent. The deadline for responses to the questions is Monday 21 May 2012

School Funding Reform : Next Steps consultation